be a caterpillar 🐛 

life is full of obstacles in the way.. which either allows to grow or slow us down. there have been so many times where i just wanted to give everything up because i didn’t think I was good enough. i put so many things on my plate because i enjoy staying busy but then again it also doesn’t allow me to finish many things that i’ve started.  as a student I feel overwhelmed with making sure I pay my bills and making sure I’m on track to graduate, which I am! excited to say I’ll be graduating with my bachelors in the spring of 2019(if all goes well). I will continue to get my credentials and masters, but we shall see what the future holds. lately i’ve realized I slow myself down by talking down on myself. i have been working on a documentary film about my great-grandma who is currently 90 years old. it’s been about 2 years since i’ve been working on it but I haven’t finished it because i feel like people won’t like it. i know the longer I wait it’ll be too late & my great-grandma won’t have the chance to see it so I told myself: 


caterpillars go through so much and if they would’ve given up they would’ve never known what they’ll become. many people give up on their dreams because they think they’re not good enough or negative opinions come in the way. just remember be a caterpillar. there will always be something getting in the way but it’s up to ourselves to either let us take over or breaking that habit and continuing whatever dream we’ve been wanting to conquer. 

making a list of goals has allowed me to keep going because i’ll look at this paper and just say to myself “yes” that will be done.