bro i’m having a bad day

or its personal shit.



negative people are what makes the world toxic.

I get it sometimes as a human being we have bad days but that doesn’t mean you let it out on other people. There was a time where I was always around negative people or just a negative person and it made me become someone I wasn’t. When you surround yourself with negativity you become just that. I remember being so mad at people for no reason but because I was going through something they wouldn’t understand or what I thought should’ve been kept to myself instead of speaking about it. I’m a private person I like keeping my personal stuff to myself but there’s a point where it all just comes out and it doesn’t look good for anyone. From my experience, I have learned that keeping whatever problem that is going on inside is definitely not okay no matter how bad it is. This world doesn’t need negative people because there is so much out there to be happy about and as a human being it isn’t good for the body to be stuck being a rude or mad person. Being an adult is stressful but there’s also ways to enjoy it. Honestly so many people are always saying “stay positive” or “positive vibes” which honestly doesn’t do its justice. Positivity doesn’t just come from posting those words on social media it happens when you come to a realization with yourself that you are okay and you are content with where you are in life.

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak”

That’s 100% true. No one wants to be surrounded by a negative person. Either something is going on inside that is holding you back from being happy or your just simply unaware of what really makes you so negative. I’m not saying to become this jumpy cheery person but to just be happy and grateful for things you are surrounded with either it be having toilet paper to wipe your ass with or having hot water in the shower. I’ve come to the conclusion and realization that what truly makes me smile everyday is music and just stepping outside looking up at the sky because nature honestly boosts my mood. I just don’t think there is a necessity to be mad over something so small or even big because the only one suffering from whatever it is, is you. I have a great example! I currently have a friend who lost someone and it’s been about 4 years and honestly losing someone can be very hard and I understand that. My friend became angry with herself because she feels bad for not being there enough but you know what as a person who lost someone before you have to realize that you have to learn how you will take the loss. Either you let it burden you for there rest of your life and become angry or you realize okay it is time to understand what I am really angry about. Yes it is difficult and I am not saying just forget about the person because I know it doesn’t work that way but now my friend who is living with her mother is mistreating her mother because she doesn’t have her dad by her side breaking her and her mother up when they argue. You come to a realization where who your really hurting is yourself and your letting it out on someone else. Negativity can have a lot of power of emotions but it is up to yourself to reevaluate it in a way where no one is getting hurt. Responsibility comes a long way when it comes to emotions because as an individual you are responsible on how you feel about the situation. Responsibility allows you to understand more about yourself as well because it shows how committed you are to be happy and allowing yourself to be content with the little things in life. Farewell NEGATIVITY and HELLO RESPONSIBILITY!