Having a Purpose 🎞

Life isn’t easy. We work. We go to school. Oftentimes, we do both. Being really busy can be fun, but usually it’s just exhausting. Although I received my associate’s degree and have a full time job, I still find myself asking, what’s my purpose? 

All these years, I’ve been looking for a cause to really devote myself to. Only recently have the people around me made me realize what it is I love most: helping and inspiring others.

First and foremost, I want to be a director. I know I can inspire others through art and creativity behind the screens. Accordig to Variety, women only make up 7% of all directors in Hollywood. My first goal is to change that.

There are so many people around me who don’t believe in me, and they never have from the start. I’m okay with that. I know I can prove them wrong.

I realized that achieving your goals is the purpose of living. I know that whatever I do, I just want to make my parents proud, and hopefully I already am. I want them to look at my work and think, “Wow, she did it.”

There are so many people who have everything they would ever need, get everything they ever ask for, and they still don’t have a purpose. We expect so much more than life can really give us. Keep in mind, patience is the key to everything. In the age of technology, we’re so used to having instant gratification, but life doesn’t actually work that way. You have to really get lucky, or work really, really hard.

Once your find your gift, your passion, share it! People will appreciate it, regardless of what others think. Working towards your goals and having a sense of direction is already a step towards success. My passion is to inspire others, and hopefully one day I will.