Women Appreciation ❣️



Women’s History Month is celebrated in March of every year. In my opinion, we should be celebrating women everyday. Women have such a strong impact in our lives. They play the role of mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, and the list goes on. It’s 2017, and women are still disenfranchised by the wage gap.  What kind of sh** is that. I get it men can do it all. Can they really? As a women we deal with menstrual cramps, and still have a baby come out of us. NOW THAT.. is someone with balls. I just want to point out some reasons why being a woman is truly AMAZING.

  1. Women don’t have to sweat through a three piece suit.
  2. We own our real feelings.
  3. Car insurance is cheaper for us women, believe it or not.
  4. We’re better at multitasking.
  5. Ability to grow a human.
  6. Excellent communication skills.
  7. We don’t have to shave our face.
  8. We’re natural born leaders.
  9. Tolerance for pain.

Let’s face it we’re great. Our emotions can be head over heels sometimes but please understand why. PMS, is a huge excuse for our mood swings. I just want to say to all the women reading this...YOU ARE SPECIAL and AWESOME. I wanted to expose how great women are and I appreciate it them in my life.