I'm Guatemalen. I'm American.

“I had to leave my two girls and mother, when I made the decision. It was devastating leaving but I only did it for them to have a better life. The poverty we were living in was just horrifying. The movement isn’t easy; I thought I was going to die through the whole thing. I arrived to America alive because god is huge. I arrived in LA, with nothing. The family, who was taking me in, ended up bailing. I stayed in LA for a while until a friend offered me to stay with her in Palm Springs. I had no money, my friend had to pay the coyote the rest amount of money that I owed them. Palm Springs is where I ended up living. Seven years later, I had the opportunity to bring my mother and girls. I situated citizenship for them as for myself. Ever since, we’ve had a really happy life. I truly believe were better off here. We might not have a lot but we have something to live for. Our land didn’t give us what America is giving us today.”