Passion. Focus. Support.

People are always working on new interests. Some of us are exploring photography and film, others are painting and drawing, and still others are perfecting their type of artwork. I love watching others do what they love. Nothing will ever come easy, and you shouldn’t let someone’s critique get in the way of your inspiration. Only you can make it happen. I truly believe it's important to support one another even if we don’t agree. As with any new skill, you have to start from nothing and work in your hours of experience until you are as great as can be . We should always encourage each other in new pursuits even if we don’t think someone can make it all the way. When I first started out, my photography was not good. It took years for me to get better at it. Even now, after a few years of experience, I'm still not where I’d like to be, but I know I will get there with practice and patience. I think people often underestimate their own abilities, but you never know where life can take you. Always pursue new opportunities, and make sure you are your biggest fan. I truly think everyone is born with creative and interesting talents - you just have to find it. One night, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across photos posted by an old friend of mine. I clicked on his profile to see what he had been up to lately, and I saw he was making handmade pendants for sale. I had never seen anything like that before! His art is unique and different, and that’s what makes it awesome. To show my support, I’ll be buying some jewelry from him of course! If we don’t support one another, who will? All we have is each other. Support shows others that you are interested in what they’ve captured or created, that you care what they are doing. This gives people motivation to continue pursuing their passion and strive for bigger and better projects. Sometimes we all feel a little lazy, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love. Never ignore your talents just because you think you don’t have time. If it was truly your passion, you would make time. Every day, I choose to be better. Sometimes I mess up, but we can only get to where we want to be if we stop giving ourselves excuses. Always remember to support those around us who are also working for something better.