DIY remedies for your HEALTH.

Do you have bad acne, bad breath, stretch marks, underarm odor, and; or maybe have been feeling tired? WAKE UP & FIX THIS. Being healthy and taking care of your body is important. WHY? Your body needs love and attention to be able to function well. You want to be able to live until 100. Let's start off with ACNE, something you can't ignore. Have you tried every solution and nothing is working for you? No medication or treatments? I've tried everything and nothing worked for my face, until I discovered my favorite essential oils, lavender and frankincense. I recommend before bed, adding a drop of both lavender and frankincense on your finger to apply on your acne scars overnight, every night. Have you been struggling with what action to take for bad breath? I GOTCHU. Get a shot glass, fill up half with water and the other half with apple cider vinegar and drink it. I recommend doing this once a week but you can do it more than once a week. Stretch marks, everyone's worst enemy, have you heard of ALOE VERA? A gel sold at many stores, will cost you no more than 10$ and it is great for stretch marks, rub it where the stretch mark is located for about a month and than you will see results. I recommend doing this in the morning and at night before bed every night . Are your underarms not cooperating with deodorants you have reached out to? Don't worry I have a solution. I recommend buying the lavender essential oil and add a dot or two on your finger and rub it under your arm. I recommend doing this twice a day. Have you been feeling tired or are just lazy? I have two solutions, buy the peppermint oil and add a drop on both of your wrist and rub your wrists together, don't forget to smell the oil for an energy boost. Highly recommend this before class (we all know how some classes can be long and boring). Take vitamins! Vitamins help not only with energy but help with your health. If you don't enjoy taking pills, not a problem there are gummy vitamins that are available for both males and females. It's easy to stay healthy and happy. Take care of yourself and love your body.