What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. UNLESS it follows you home.

I had the opportunity to take my siblings with me these past few days. While I always play the sister role I acted as mom for a few days; and let me tell you it was nice but it's tough being a mom. While keeping them busy with different activities, I would have to say their favorite part was the helicopter ride just because we've never been in one. The helicopter ride allowed us to visit the strip from a higher distance and it was very interesting how each hotel looked from the top. We had the opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam, which was fascinating to see and walk on because its used in a lot of different movies. The Hoover Dam, isn't too far from Las Vegas, which allows a spot to go visit. I enjoy going on adventures and having my siblings with me is just so great because we get to experience everything together. Family means a lot to me and having the opportunity to create memories with them makes me happy. It's important to know the value of family because it makes you realize how blessed you are with each one of them. Whats a trip with family without trying...CREPES! I highly recommend trying the crepes located in the Bellagio Hotel. I have never tried such delicious crepes like the ones they make there. The only reason I go to Las Vegas, is partially because of the crepes, so it's a must to try them. One more thing, Tacos. There's a restaurant called "Tacos El Gordo," best tacos in town. In the tacos they put: frijolitos ricos, crema, queso, aguacate, salsa. Everything you need in a taco is there. Visit Las Vegas, at least once, doesn't necessarily have to be all about drinking and gambling, there's actually things to do.