I decided to challenge myself by quitting coffee. Today marks 2 months without coffee. I FEEL GREAT. Sadly, I crave coffee everyday but I manage to stop myself from drinking it or buying it every time. It's interesting to challenge yourself because you learn what your body is capable of handling. When I stopped drinking coffee the first two weeks weren't great because I had a few headaches. Now, I'm fine and feel fine. I even feel healthier and cleaner. & NO more bad teeth for me. I found different ways to make sure my body was awake and fully energized. Ex: first thing in the morning, I wash my face, drink water, and put a drop of peppermint oil on my wist and rub it together with other one and I make sure I smell it. IT WORKS. Drinking water throughout the day is a major key to stay awake. STOP THE COFFEE & SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN LAST!