March is a special month regarding women. March is a month celebrating women and acknowledging their work. Since march is ending in a week, I would like to say thanks to all the amazing women out there all the mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. Women have been great to society and as a women we will never STOP! Women are looked down on and it truly is not right. As a woman people don't take us seriously, and it isn't fair. We are treated less than men. No matter what we women do we will never be good enough. The questions here: When will we be good enough? When will we be taken seriously? Throughout society women have stepped up and have used their words to manage their way up to jobs;  a police officer, being in the film industry, firefighter, pilot, wrestler, etc. These women matter! Every women matters! Speaking up matters! Yet, we have a month dedicated for women but we still get looked down on. Making your dream come true Matters! Making a difference is what we need in this world. Happy international womens month, to all the amazing women. Remember that YOU matter.