Passion. Focus. Support.

People are always working on new interests. Some of us are exploring photography and film, others are painting and drawing, and still others are perfecting their type of artwork. I love watching others do what they love. Nothing will ever come easy, and you shouldn’t let someone’s critique get in the way of your inspiration. Only you can make it happen. I truly believe it's important to support one another even if we don’t agree. As with any new skill, you have to start from nothing and work in your hours of experience until you are as great as can be . We should always encourage each other in new pursuits even if we don’t think someone can make it all the way. When I first started out, my photography was not good. It took years for me to get better at it. Even now, after a few years of experience, I'm still not where I’d like to be, but I know I will get there with practice and patience. I think people often underestimate their own abilities, but you never know where life can take you. Always pursue new opportunities, and make sure you are your biggest fan. I truly think everyone is born with creative and interesting talents - you just have to find it. One night, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across photos posted by an old friend of mine. I clicked on his profile to see what he had been up to lately, and I saw he was making handmade pendants for sale. I had never seen anything like that before! His art is unique and different, and that’s what makes it awesome. To show my support, I’ll be buying some jewelry from him of course! If we don’t support one another, who will? All we have is each other. Support shows others that you are interested in what they’ve captured or created, that you care what they are doing. This gives people motivation to continue pursuing their passion and strive for bigger and better projects. Sometimes we all feel a little lazy, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love. Never ignore your talents just because you think you don’t have time. If it was truly your passion, you would make time. Every day, I choose to be better. Sometimes I mess up, but we can only get to where we want to be if we stop giving ourselves excuses. Always remember to support those around us who are also working for something better.

fingertips have replaced the use of our voices

Three months ago, I lost a close friend to cancer. He was an incredibly generous friend, always thinking of others before himself. I considered him family. Losing someone who holds a special place in your heart isn't easy it honestly sucks. It made me realize how much I take my life for granted. I’ve been blessed with amazing people in my life, and I often forget how important it is to enjoy every moment with them. It seems like most people don't enjoy their lives to the fullest. In today’s world, everyone communicates through their fingertips. What ever happened to using our actual voice? I always see people having lunch together, but they are on their phones the entire time. How can you enjoy lunch with someone when you are looking at your phone the whole time? Everyone knows how annoying it is when you’re speaking to someone and they’re not paying attention because they’re occupied on their phone. Our generation is engulfed in technology. It surrounds us everywhere we go, but we should be more thoughtful about where and when to use it, and especially how often we choose scrolling through our feed over connecting with someone in person. There’s one story in particular that I will always remember about my friend: every year on Christmas Day, I would go outside and find snow on my front lawn… Jimmy made sure it was there every year. After he passed away, no one laid out the snow on Christmas morning. To give back to his family, this year my family and I made sure his kids woke up to a white Christmas, so they could enjoy what he always did for us. There are so many people that should be cherished more than your cell phone, people who deserve and are valued more of your time. You never know when is someone’s last day. I didn’t know it was going to be Jimmy’s last day.  



Palm Springs Art Museum (FREE on Thursday nights)

Street Fair (FREE Thursday Nights)

Trolley (downtown PS everyday & FREE)

Movie Theater: Mary Pickford( 5$ Tues/Thurs)

Ice Skating


The Living Desert



Downtown Disney

Farm @ OC fairgrounds (all year, & FREE)

Bike Riding

Movie Theaters: Triangle Square, etc.(5$ Mon&Tues)

Ice Skating

Swap Meet


Thousand Steps (Laguna Beach)

Theater Plays



Santa Monica Pier

Little Tokyo

Food Fair


Theater Plays


Movie Screenings

Picnic at Echo Park Lake



Cabrillo national monument


Mission Bay Park

Old Town

Balboa Park



{You can hike, ride bikes, go to Starbucks, exercise, thrift shop, play Pokemon go, geocaching, bake, and attend street fairs that each city carries}

DIY remedies for your HEALTH.

Do you have bad acne, bad breath, stretch marks, underarm odor, and; or maybe have been feeling tired? WAKE UP & FIX THIS. Being healthy and taking care of your body is important. WHY? Your body needs love and attention to be able to function well. You want to be able to live until 100. Let's start off with ACNE, something you can't ignore. Have you tried every solution and nothing is working for you? No medication or treatments? I've tried everything and nothing worked for my face, until I discovered my favorite essential oils, lavender and frankincense. I recommend before bed, adding a drop of both lavender and frankincense on your finger to apply on your acne scars overnight, every night. Have you been struggling with what action to take for bad breath? I GOTCHU. Get a shot glass, fill up half with water and the other half with apple cider vinegar and drink it. I recommend doing this once a week but you can do it more than once a week. Stretch marks, everyone's worst enemy, have you heard of ALOE VERA? A gel sold at many stores, will cost you no more than 10$ and it is great for stretch marks, rub it where the stretch mark is located for about a month and than you will see results. I recommend doing this in the morning and at night before bed every night . Are your underarms not cooperating with deodorants you have reached out to? Don't worry I have a solution. I recommend buying the lavender essential oil and add a dot or two on your finger and rub it under your arm. I recommend doing this twice a day. Have you been feeling tired or are just lazy? I have two solutions, buy the peppermint oil and add a drop on both of your wrist and rub your wrists together, don't forget to smell the oil for an energy boost. Highly recommend this before class (we all know how some classes can be long and boring). Take vitamins! Vitamins help not only with energy but help with your health. If you don't enjoy taking pills, not a problem there are gummy vitamins that are available for both males and females. It's easy to stay healthy and happy. Take care of yourself and love your body.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. UNLESS it follows you home.

I had the opportunity to take my siblings with me these past few days. While I always play the sister role I acted as mom for a few days; and let me tell you it was nice but it's tough being a mom. While keeping them busy with different activities, I would have to say their favorite part was the helicopter ride just because we've never been in one. The helicopter ride allowed us to visit the strip from a higher distance and it was very interesting how each hotel looked from the top. We had the opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam, which was fascinating to see and walk on because its used in a lot of different movies. The Hoover Dam, isn't too far from Las Vegas, which allows a spot to go visit. I enjoy going on adventures and having my siblings with me is just so great because we get to experience everything together. Family means a lot to me and having the opportunity to create memories with them makes me happy. It's important to know the value of family because it makes you realize how blessed you are with each one of them. Whats a trip with family without trying...CREPES! I highly recommend trying the crepes located in the Bellagio Hotel. I have never tried such delicious crepes like the ones they make there. The only reason I go to Las Vegas, is partially because of the crepes, so it's a must to try them. One more thing, Tacos. There's a restaurant called "Tacos El Gordo," best tacos in town. In the tacos they put: frijolitos ricos, crema, queso, aguacate, salsa. Everything you need in a taco is there. Visit Las Vegas, at least once, doesn't necessarily have to be all about drinking and gambling, there's actually things to do.


I decided to challenge myself by quitting coffee. Today marks 2 months without coffee. I FEEL GREAT. Sadly, I crave coffee everyday but I manage to stop myself from drinking it or buying it every time. It's interesting to challenge yourself because you learn what your body is capable of handling. When I stopped drinking coffee the first two weeks weren't great because I had a few headaches. Now, I'm fine and feel fine. I even feel healthier and cleaner. & NO more bad teeth for me. I found different ways to make sure my body was awake and fully energized. Ex: first thing in the morning, I wash my face, drink water, and put a drop of peppermint oil on my wist and rub it together with other one and I make sure I smell it. IT WORKS. Drinking water throughout the day is a major key to stay awake. STOP THE COFFEE & SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN LAST!


Today's generation we expect TOO much from others. We want our significant others to be fit. Why not just be happy with the person you are or the person you are with? Society makes us all feel like we are not good enough, but people don't realize what we see on television or social media is all FAKE. The secret tool to look perfect is PHOTOSHOP. Photoshop, makes every person on social media look flawless. Nobody is PERFECT?! but we are all special in our own way. Stop trying to be someone else, be yourself. Being yourself is the only hard job you have. You were put into this world to be YOU, not somebody else. We see skinny women/men and immediately want to be just like them. GOOD NEWS: they are not as skinny as you think, and if they are they are SICK anorexic human beings. Please...God has put you and myself into this world to be someone, anyone, and to do anything we want to achieve. Stop worrying about your body and start worrying about the future and what it holds for you. Shame for our body is not necessary. Be happy for who you are. Only real friends and family will accept you for who you are.



Last night I had the opportunity to watch the film "ROOM." The movie was INCREDIBLE. I have never seen anything like it. "Room," is an independent film, based on a novel by Emma Donoghue and directed by Lenny Abrahamson.  "Room" is about a 5 year old boy, Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and a 24 year old mother, Joy (Brie Larson) who are stuck in a shed also known as what they both call "Room." The mother and son are held captive by a man named "Old Nick," who rapes Joy and is Jacks biological father. The only reason Joy is stuck with his son in the shed is because "Old Nick" abducted Joy seven years ago and kept her and Jack captive. Being stuck in a shed with only a window being a skylight, sharing a bathroom, small kitchen, bed, small television, and food supplies was hard for the both of them. Every night, "Old Nick," would come in the shed to sleep with Joy on the same bed and Jack was sent to sleep in the closet in order to keep "Old Nick" away from him. You would think they should just break through the door or scream to get out but it wasn't quite easy for Jack and Joy. The door was locked with a special access code and it wasn't your simple ordinary door. Until one day, Joy decides to have Jack pretend he is dead to have "Old Nick" put him in the back of his truck. Joy's plan, was to have Jack jump out the truck and run for help. The plan did go well because "Old Nick" managed to put Jack in the back of his truck without questioning. Jack was rolled up in a rug from the shed to make it seem as if he was really dead. During the ride in the back of the truck, Jack manages to roll out of the rug and lies there, while taking a look at the sky because his never seen anything like it. All the trees, houses, cars, people were all fake to him because he believed anything on television was fake and nothing was real. Jack realizes he has to get out of the truck and that's the moment "Old Nick" takes a look through his rear mirror and sees Jack trying to jump out of the truck. Jack manages to jump out, but "Old Nick" catches him. As Jack is screaming for help "Old Nick" let's him go. JACK ESCAPES! Although he does escape he doesn't exactly know what's going on and who to talk to because his never met or spoken to anyone except for his mom. Police arrive and pick up Jack and try to talk to him and ask him where he came from and later but surely, Jack explains to the police officer where his mother is. Joy is able to be set free and go back to her parents house with Jack. It wasn't easy for Jack to enter the real world but he was always a smart boy. Jack and Joy, live happily together at Joy's parents house. I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January 2016. To all viewers, I highly recommend this film. By far the best of 2015! 


March is a special month regarding women. March is a month celebrating women and acknowledging their work. Since march is ending in a week, I would like to say thanks to all the amazing women out there all the mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. Women have been great to society and as a women we will never STOP! Women are looked down on and it truly is not right. As a woman people don't take us seriously, and it isn't fair. We are treated less than men. No matter what we women do we will never be good enough. The questions here: When will we be good enough? When will we be taken seriously? Throughout society women have stepped up and have used their words to manage their way up to jobs;  a police officer, being in the film industry, firefighter, pilot, wrestler, etc. These women matter! Every women matters! Speaking up matters! Yet, we have a month dedicated for women but we still get looked down on. Making your dream come true Matters! Making a difference is what we need in this world. Happy international womens month, to all the amazing women. Remember that YOU matter.